Thursday, September 14, 2006

Daddy Dumbass

Ok.. so here's the scene. Befuddled and confused father, 10:00 pm, 24 hour grocery store. Mission: Diapers. Seems simple enough right? Well, I've never been good with numbers. So as you can imagine, keeping in mind that Matthew is in the 2t-3t range, and in pull ups, staring at the vast array of diapering options would certainly confuse anyone.. right? LOL.. so first I scan for price.. Yep, these are on sale, and cheap.. Perfect... Size... Yep, 2t-3t... Pull-ups? You bet.. Great, grab them and head for the checkout...


Arrive home, and realize they're pink... DOH!

Looks like Matty is in pink diapers for at least the next 6 days.. and I qualify for the Daddy Dumbass Award..

Life is great!